I have more posts brewing, but thought I might turn some of you on to a "golden oldie." The "big theatrical event" of the New York theater scene this season (at least for New York's most affluent theater goers), is Tom Stoppard's "Coast of Utopia" trilogy. I haven't seen the Lincoln Center Production and don't plan to (at $100 a ticket for each play, it's quite an investment!).

I did, however, catch the original National Theatre production in London back in 2002 and weighed in on it at some length back then. From the sound of it, the New York production is better directed and the script has been considerably revised, but I suspect that my musings on it remain relevant even to this new production.

Stoppard, one of the favorite dramatists of my youth (I directed him in both high school and college), doesn't make it into my top-ten list anymore and the 2002 review sort of explains why. It's kind of a critical "Dear John" letter. It wasn't you, Tom, it was me. But thanks for everything.

Everyone have a happy holiday and I promise to write more new posts soon!