critical matter

Here is the Village Voice assessment of the Public's Mother Courage. I find it to be perceptive in almost every detail, proving once again that Michael Feingold is the truly indispensible major theater critic in this town. Never starstruck or a mere peddler of puns, he writes thoughtful reviews that balance an assessment of a production's merits as a theatrical event with a thorough knowledge of its dramaturgical context. In short, he does what a real critic always ought to do.

The real shame of course is that once this review was published the run of the play was essentially over. Will we ever get a good, long run of a major Brecht production in New York? Sadly, I expect that this summer's Courage-ous experiment will not induce anyone else to try their hand at it any time soon.

I've been having a lot of passionate thoughts about theater. Expect more posts soon! (I hope.)